Foreign Rights


VIVAT Publishing Ltd. offers a wide range of interesting and useful books.

To meet the readership’s demand, we publish our books in Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

Reaching out to the widest audience, VIVAT offers books in following genres:

  • children and young adult books (fiction and early development books, interactive children’s books);
  • contemporary and classic literature (novels, short fiction, and poetry written by authors both of local and worldwide fame);
  • political non-fiction, political journalism, and humanities research;
  • economic literature and gift books (psychology, cook books, encyclopedias, etc.)

VIVAT Publishing House is a team of professionals working for the most sophisticated readers!


Nataliya Zagrebelna Senior Rights Manager
Anna Vyunnik Assistant Foreign Rights Manager
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Велика книжка казок
Брати Грімм, Ганс Християн Андерсен, Вільгельм Гауф, Шарль Перро

Снігова Королева
Ганс Крiстiaн Андерсен